The Ropefenders from Langman

Fenders - Kabelaringen

A fender is a thick edge of rope which is stretched under the pace border as decorative protection of the boat. To place the fender you must have some fittings on the boat where you can fit the rigging screws on. Your boat needs also a support to keep the fender on its place. It is also possible that the boats has two supports the fender fits between those two supports.

Our fenders are being produced on our own traditional ropewalk, and are produced in a 4-strand construction with a core. In the core of the fender is also the stainless steel wire. The ends of the fender rope are standard pressed eyes. It is also possible to fit stainless threat at the end of the fender. Therefore we press stainless steel thread-terminals of the wire.

The diameter of the fender is depending of length of the boat.
Also the space between the supports is also depending for the possible diameter.
Available diameters for Langman Fenders are from 40 till 140mm.

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