Fenders and bowfenders

Launches and motorboats become for decoration and protection a fender with or without a hand knitted bow fender.

Langman supplies there fenders to well-known yacht brokers in The Netherlands and abroad.

For our fenders we use special developed polypropylene yarns which are made from a high quality.  That is why Langman Fenders are very good to use in countries with a high UV-level. Langman exports there Fenders to many of these countries. All the fenders and bow fenders are provided with a unique tracking number.

made by LangmanRopes

Craftmanship is Langman's speciality

All steel parts in and outside the Langman fenders are made from high quality stainless steel. We use standard AISI316, which is marine water-durable. Fenders and bow fenders were carried out traditionally in coconut fibre rope. To ensure this traditional look are our yarns manufactured with the old brown coconut colour. By the increasing question of modern coloured fenders and bow fenders, is nowadays also black and silbergrey a standard colour.

Our fenders and bow fenders are handmade by professional employees therefore we can also supply beside our standard delivery program to your specifications.

If you have special wishes or questions, don’t hesitate to contact us for advice or to discus other possibilities.


A fender is a thick edge of rope which is stretched under the pace border as decorative protection of the boat. To place the fender you must have some fittings on the boat where you can fit the rigging screws on. Your boat needs also a support to keep the fender on its place. It is also possible that the boats has two supports the fender fits between those two supports.

Rope fenders

A bow fender is mostly placed at the front of the boat. For this hand knitted bulge we have developed a special knitting technique where the bow fender gets knitted in the shape of the boat. Due to this technique fits the bow fender directly to the boat.


  • ONJ 650 Sloep

  • Bommelaar

  • Intender

  • Intercruiser

  • Waterspoor 707

  • Oud Huyzer

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