Bow fender

A bow fender is mostly placed at the front of the boat. For this hand knitted bulge we have developed a special knitting technique where the bow fender gets knitted in the shape of the boat. Due to this technique fits the bow fender directly to the boat.

A bow fender can be produced in a single shape, but can also be knitted on the fender rope.
When the bow fender is knitted on the fender rope, then should the bow fender being placed in the front of the boat.

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Bow fenders

Depending of the size of the bow fender, and the shape and the length of the boat and also the diameter of the fender rope is the minimum diameter of the bow fender 8cm.

Single bow fenders are standard produced with some stainless steel chains at the end. When there is no support on the front of the boat, then we can also produce a stainless steel chain in the middle of the bow fender. Due to this middle chain you can hang the bow fender on the boat.

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